Atlanta PFD Patch

Atlanta PFD Patch

We all know that Dr Ink Eraser provides the best treatment options for tattoo removal. But have you heard about PFD Patch? Doctor Ink Eraser is proud to offer the brand new PFD patch in conjunction with laser tattoo removal treatments. This patch protects the skin and dissipates the oxidation effect when the laser passes over the ink, which allows our technicians to make up to 4 passes over the ink in one sitting!

The PFD patch treatment enables faster results and fewer appts for our clients and is ideal for those individuals who have a time line associated with their ink removal. Using the Discovery Pico by Quanta, Doctor Ink Eraser technicians and clients have seen the ink being pulled into the patch on the 3rd and 4th laser pass. Wiping ink off the skin after a PFD laser treatment has been wildly impressive to the clients who has used the patch with us. For more information, visit!

The PFD patch is a gel patch that allows for multiple laser passes in a single treatment session. With PFD patch, you’ll get faster tattoo fading that is safe, and decrease the number of overall treatments needed to achieve complete ink removal. So you get faster results with less treatments, and less damage to your skin!


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