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Have a question about tattoo removal? You can ask here or browse through the FAQ from our visitors. Tattoo removal methods and results vary from company to company. At Doctor Ink Eraser, we utilize cutting edge laser technology to provide the best results possible with the least amount of laser treatments and pain. We take pride in our company and reputation. And we're always available to help before and after your treatments. If you have concerns about tattoo removal pain, number of treatments or something else, just call, email, or ask your question below.

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Im going to atlanta 16 march... i want to start a treatment with you.. how can i talk to you in whatsapp to know more about mu tretament, like send pictures of my tattoo qnd know how many time ill spend oh the tratment...ty lucasI got a tattoo the end of November on my ankle and about 3 weeks ago, it was itching and bumpy. Have a previous tattoo from 15 years ago and no problems at all with it. Went to a dermatologist, said that I might have a tattoo allergy and might have to hI am looking to get into the Air Force but I cannot because of the tattoo on my neck. It is a simple outline of a butterfly in black ink and is the size of a quarter. Could you provide an estimate on how much the removal would be?Where can I send pictures for price estimatesI have a small single needle tattoo on my wrist. How much would it cost to get removedI have several tattoos on my chest, and right arm, and also my neck. None of these tattoos were painful to get..but I want to remove the one on my neck. On a scale from 1-10, how painful do u think it will be?Do you remove a bad micro blade eyebrowsHow much would it cost to remove a red tattoo on the handi have two neck tattoos im trying to get rid of but one will do for right now what will be the costWhat does tattoo removal service start at? And can the area be tattooed again?How Many time does it takes to erase a small tatto? And what is the lowest price that I can finish payingHello I curious if you could ball park a removal. It’s removing a quarter size tattoo from my ring finger. It’s just letters.Hello, I’m looking to get the tattoo on the inside of my lip removed. Is this something you guys have done before and have experience in?I forgot my post card card at the office. Eyebrow tattoo removal is what I’ve started. One session so far. Also interested in the patch that allows 4 passes to expedite the process. I am very interested in this. Thanks so muchHow much would it cost to remove a ring finger tattoo? It's my ex's name. Wayne.I have a huge tattoo on my back I would like to have removed. How many stages and prices per stageHi, do you guys remove eyebrow tattoos?How much for a removal? It’s a small tattooDo you offer a military discount? If so, do you offer a discount to individuals trying to join the military?Hi, After the procedure do it leave marks on the body? If so, are they'd permanent? Or how long does it takes to heal?I have a small tattoo on my hand, no bigger than a quarter. It is on the skin between my thumb and index finger. I was wanting to know how much would the removal be with no insurance?I had my eyebrows tattooed by a licensed tattoo artist, but he wasn’t a makeup artist. I wanted them tattooed light brown but they are too dark. I had them done in August 2019. How much would it coast to lighten them?Is the consultation free?How much does one appointment costs? Does insurance cover it? And how many appointment does it take for one tattoo?I was wondering how much it would be to get a chest at too removed?

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