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Painless Tattoo Removal

Painless Tattoo Removal: Minimize Discomfort at Dr. Ink Eraser

One of the main reasons people are anxious or hesitant about getting rid of tattoos they regret is because they are worried about pain. It’s common for people to say that laser tattoo removal is more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place, though the discomfort patients experience varies from person to person.


At Dr. Ink Eraser, we understand our patients’ concerns about pain and do all we can to minimize any discomfort they may experience. We do this using the latest groundbreaking technology to speed up the removal process in a safe manner as well as incredible pain relief options.



Painless tattoo removal technology

Deep Numb numbing cream

There’s no need for patients to go out and buy numbing creams ahead of their scheduled tattoo removal session at Dr. Ink Eraser. We use Deep Numb, a topical anesthetic that penetrates deep into the pores of the skin to numb the area. This cream must be applied 2 hours prior to treatment and covered with plastic wrap or saran wrap to yield maximum results.



Pro-Nox is a self-administered nitrous oxide treatment that provides exceptional relief for pain and anxiety during laser treatment. It’s safe and effective with a quick onset and short duration so clients can drive to and from the procedure. It goes into effect in seconds, offering immediate relief of pain and anxiety, without any side effects.



Sub-Z is a powerful, brand-new cryofreezing technology that is made specifically for making laser tattoo removal and other laser treatments more tolerable and minimize the risk of laser-related injuries. Sub-Z numbs the skin by blasting chilled air through its fans. One of Sub-Z’s greatest benefits is that the temperatures can easily be adjusted, so patients with lower pain tolerance can experience more comfort during the tattoo removal procedure. 


Sub-Z is also safer than most cryofreezing devices because it doesn’t release gas from a cryo tank. It runs purely on electricity and doesn’t need any ventilation, which also makes it more friendly to the environment.


Sub-Z is very new and is not available at many laser tattoo removal clinics, but Dr. Ink Eraser is ahead of the curve and has it ready to go.


When combined with topical numbing creams, Sub-Z provides a nearly painless laser tattoo removal experience.


PFD Patch

The standard laser tattoo removal session consists of a single pass — that is, the laser going over the entire tattoo. A single pass means this is done one time and that session is then completed. Single passes are meant to prevent damage from the laser. But single passes also mean it will take more sessions and a longer amount of time to remove the tattoo completely.


The PFD Patch is a gel patch that allows us to make up to 4 passes with a laser in a single treatment session without damaging your skin. This means you will get results faster and your tattoo removed in fewer appointments. This also means you’ll experience less discomfort overall since the tattoo will be removed more quickly.


Dr. Ink Eraser goes above and beyond the standard in our offerings, so it goes without saying our use of the PFD Patch brings our laser tattoo removal to the next level.



If the PFD Patch doesn’t sound like your thing, you might want to give the Z-Wave a try. Like the PFD patch, it allows us to make multiple passes during a single session. The Z-Wave is a device that uses acoustic sound waves to eliminate frost, bubbles, and vacuoles that prevent laser technicians from making multiple passes.


Additionally, it stimulates the lymphatic system and blood flow, which helps the body remove ink particles faster while stimulating a quicker healing response.


A more efficient laser tattoo removal process means you’ll experience a less painful laser tattoo removal experience, and that is the overall goal at Dr. Ink Eraser.

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