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Painless Tattoo Removal in Atlanta, Georgia

It’s common for people to feel anxious about getting their unwanted tattoos removed. The most common reason for feeling anxious? The pain from laser tattoo removal. They’ve had family or friends tell them it hurts more to get the tattoo removed than the pain they experienced getting the tattoo.


Although the discomfort people experience differs, we understand and listen to our patients’ concerns. Better yet, Dr. Ink Eraser’s Atlanta, Georgia, location has technology to minimize patients’ discomfort or pain with pain removal options.


Painless tattoo removal technology at our Atlanta, Georgia, clinic


Pro-Nox, a nitrous oxide treatment, lets patients determine when they need pain relief and administer it to themselves. Pro-Nox provides patients with relief from pain and anxiety. Its onset is quick, going into effect within seconds, offering immediate relief. The effects of Pro-Nox have a short duration, so patients can easily travel back home from our Atlanta, Georgia, tattoo removal clinic, with no side effects.


Deep Numb numbing cream

Numbing cream is a not-so-well-kept secret many people apply before getting their tattoo. Most tattoo artists don’t exactly keep a large supply of numbing cream for their clients. But Dr. Ink Eraser’s Atlanta clinic does! We use Deep Numb, a strong topical anesthetic that can penetrate your skin’s pores. For best results, Deep Numb should be applied 2 hours prior to the laser tattoo removal session and covered with plastic wrap.



Sub-Z is a piece of powerful cryofreezing technology. Built specifically for laser tattoo removal pain relief and reducing laser-injuries, Sub-Z numbs the skin by blasting chilled air through its fans. Like Pro-Nox, Sub-Z puts patients in charge with adjustable temperatures, making the overall experience more comfortable for individual patients based on their tolerance for pain and discomfort.


Sub-Z is safer than most cryofreezing devices and is also more friendly to the environment because it doesn’t release gas and doesn’t need ventilation as a result. It operates purely on electricity.


Sub-Z is new and as a result, most laser tattoo removal clinics don’t have it available. But Dr. Ink Eraser’s laser tattoo removal clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, has it ready for you to use.


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Dr. Ink Eraser is proud to offer painless tattoo removal in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about this service and our other offerings, contact us today for more information or for a free quote.