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Nail Fungus Removal Services

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Feet Again

Though the Quanta Q+C & Q-clear laser by Light Age, we can effectively rid most nails of fungus in one treatment, our protocol is to provide three laser sessions, which are spread out every 2-4 months so that growth can be observed for one upfront price; thus ensuring the most thorough and effective treatment possible.


How does laser treatment remove toe fungus?

Upon arriving for your initial laser treatment, photos will be taken for future comparison, the infected nails will be thinned, and post treatment protocol will be gone over in detail. Then the certified technician will make a number of passes over the nail, the skin on the front and sides of the nail, and behind the cuticle in order to provide treatment to the nail matrix, which is the group of cells that create new nail.


The laser sends pulses of light with a mid-infrared wavelength that penetrates the nail to eliminate the destructive fungus, and while the beam targets and overheats the fungal spores, the patient feels only a mild warming sensation since only a small amount of heat is transferred to the surrounding tissue. In most cases, all ten toes can be treated in 30 minutes, which allows patients to get on with the rest of their day since there is absolutely no down time needed after a laser session.


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