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Laser Tattoo Removal in Stockbridge, GA

What to Expect from Our Stockbridge Laser Tattoo Removal Service


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The laser tattoo removal process

Tattoo ink goes deeper than just the surface of your skin — it resides in a deeper layer, where the ink becomes mere particles. As time passes after getting your tattoo, it begins to fade. This is because your immune system thinks the ink particles are a threat, so it will fight off particles and break them off into smaller pieces, which it will then get rid of. The larger particles will stay as they are, as they are too big for the immune system to try to take down.


Laser tattoo removal uses beams of lights at certain wavelengths to break up the remaining particles of ink into smaller pieces that your immune system can flush out with ease.


2 Tattoo Removal Lasers are Better Than 1: Nanosecond and Picosecond Lasers in Stockbridge, GA

Dr. Ink Eraser’s Stockbridge, GA, location has two different kinds of laser tattoo removal technology: Nanosecond and Picosecond lasers.


Nanosecond lasers are most effective at breaking up larger ink particles into smaller pieces. The Picosecond lasers will break up these smaller remaining pieces even more, which makes the job a lot easier for your immune system. Picosecond lasers have 3 wavelengths, so it’s effective on all colors of inks and skin tones.


When combined, these two lasers erase tattoo ink in half the time it takes most other laser and alternative tattoo removal options.


Factors that affect tattoo removal time

Tattoo size and location

The size is the biggest factor in determining how long it will take to fully remove a tattoo. The smaller the tattoo, the faster the removal process.


Tattoo location is also an important factor. If the tattoo is located on a part of the body that has faster blood flow, it will be easier to remove.

Lifestyle and health

If you have a compromised immune system, it will take longer for the tattoo to be removed. If you smoke, vape, or tan, the removal process will also take longer.


If you’re younger, the tattoo removal process will be faster. As you age, your immune system and metabolism tend to slow down, so the younger you are, the faster the process.


Ink color and skin tone

While these may be areas of concern for most Stockbridge, GA, laser removal businesses, it’s not an issue for Dr. Ink Eraser. The Picosecond laser’s 3 wavelengths make removing different colored inks a more effective process, and it also is effective on all skin tones, as opposed to most other lasers.


Find the fastest and most effective laser tattoo removal services in Stockbridge, GA

Our Stockbridge, GA, laser tattoo removal service can remove tattoos in half the time other services can. We also offer pain relief options to make the experience the best it can be.


Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, where we’ll discuss the removal process, estimate the number of removal sessions, and financing options if needed. Then we’ll schedule your next appointment so we can start removing your tattoo!