Z-Wave Treatment for Tattoo Removal

Z-Wave Treatment in Atlanta & Stockbridge

Break down more ink in a single session with Z-Wave

Most people, once they decide to remove a tattoo, want it gone as fast as possible. A standard laser tattoo removal treatment consists of a single pass over the ink to break up a thin layer of ink particles which the body then absorbs. When the laser light hits the ink, cavitation bubbles and vacuoles are formed within the multiple layers of the skin. This is known as a frost effect, and it eliminates the ability to make multiple laser passes in one sitting.


Dr. Ink Eraser offers the revolutionary Z-Wave, which uses acoustic sound wave pulses to eliminate the frost, bubbles, and vacuoles, thus allowing for multiple effective laser passes in one sitting. With this advanced treatment, more ink is broken down in one sitting compared to a single laser pass. The Z-Wave also has the additional benefit of stimulating the lymphatic system and blood flow in the area, thus helping the body absorb the broken down ink particles and stimulate a faster healing response.