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When To Expect Your Tattoo to Fade After Removal

What does fading have to do with laser tattoo removal?

When you get a tattoo, needles inject ink deep within the skin, where your body’s lymphatic system (which the immune system is part of) will break down the ink into smaller particles it will flush out, usually through urine. This is why tattoos fade over time naturally.

Laser tattoo removal is basically an accelerated version of this fading process. It helps break down the ink particles into smaller pieces than the immune system can, and then your body takes care of the rest!

Dr. Ink Eraser offers the latest in laser tattoo removal technology, which allows us to remove tattoos of nearly any color with minimal risk of scarring. We also offer pain relief options to make laser tattoo removal a better experience for our clients.

When can I expect my tattoo to fade after removal?

When you undergo your final laser tattoo removal session, you may still notice that it looks as though the tattoo is still there except it’s very light and very difficult to see. Don’t worry; this is a normal part of the laser tattoo removal process. The tattoo will continue to fade away even more over time until it appears to have vanished.

On average, patients can expect to fading around 2 to 3 weeks after their final appointment. However, this may vary based on certain factors:

When this happens tends to vary based on certain factors:

Tattoo size

Bigger tattoos will take longer to fade because there’s more ink that had to be removed.

Tattoo location

A tattoo’s location plays a very important role in how easily the ink particles will be flushed away. White blood cells, which are an instrumental part of the lymphatic system, travel through your bloodstream. If your tattoo is located in a place where blood flows easily, like your chest or neck (both of which are closer to your heart, the organ that continues to pump and churn out blood), it’ll be easier for white blood cells to reach the ink particles.

As a general rule of thumb, the closer the tattoo is located to your heart, the faster it will fade.

Ink color

More ink colors take more time to remove as well as different kinds of lasers, and some colors are more easily removed than others. Black is one such color that is easier to remove and will therefore fade faster under laser tattoo removal.


Following aftercare instructions is one of the most important ways to make sure your tattoo fades after all removal sessions are completed. This may include:

  • washing the fading tattoo in a certain way (i.e., patting it down instead of rubbing it for a recommended number of days or weeks)
  • applying salves or creams as recommended by your laser technician or medical provider
  • drinking water more regularly or often
  • wearing sunscreen
  • quitting tanning, smoking, and vaping

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While you can generally expect to see your tattoo vanish 2 to 3 weeks after your final removal session, that may not be the case. Dr. Ink Eraser’s skilled laser technicians can give you an estimate of how long it will take to remove your tattoo as well as how long it will take for you tattoo to fade after that last session.

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