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What Does Laser Tattoo Removal Feel Like?

woman reacts to sensation of laser tattoo removal on neck

The experience of laser tattoo removal varies from person to person. For the most part, most people say it is uncomfortable. Some of their discomfort comes from a blend of their pain tolerance and any anxieties they have about potential pain.

What can laser tattoo removal be compared to?

Some compare it the sensations they experience during laser tattoo removal to:

  • a sunburn
  • snapping a rubber band against the skin repeatedly
  • a splash of bacon grease hitting the skin

These are all pretty different sensations, and that’s because everyone’s tolerance for pain and discomfort is different. Some people will find it more uncomfortable than others and may need more assistance as a result — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

How will my skin feel after the removal?

Many people report that their skin feels like it’s been sunburned after a session of laser tattoo removal. Your skin might even look sunburnt, too — a little bit redder than normal — and in very rare cases, you may experience something called “pinpoint,” a tiny amount of bleeding.

After the removal, you may notice your skin looking redder or experience bleeding or feel some pain. That is normal, and as long as you follow our laser technicians’ aftercare instructions, you will be fine.

Is the tattoo removal process painful?

No. It’s most likely going to be an uncomfortable process, but that’s why Dr. Ink Eraser offers pain relief solutions that can help you feel more at ease and more comfortable during the laser tattoo removal process.

For example, we have Deep Numb, a specialized topical numbing cream that goes deep into the skin’s pores, numbing the tattooed area. For best results, we apply Deep Numb cream 2 hours before treatment and cover the area with plastic or saran wrap. Don’t worry about going out to purchase your own numbing cream ahead of time; we’ll have you covered.

We believe that if you combine Deep Numb with Sub-Z, a powerful piece of cryofreezing technology that makes laser tattoo removal more tolerable by blowing air on the skin, the experience will be as close as it gets to painless.

Another pain relief option we offer is Pro-Nox, a self-administered nitrous oxide treatment that puts you in control of deciding when you need pain relief and how long you need it. Pro-Nox is safe to use and you will be able to drive back home safely after administering it to yourself.

Experience a better laser tattoo removal experience at Dr. Ink Eraser

With more than 20 years of experience in laser tattoo removal, Dr. Ink Eraser has worked with patients with high and low pain tolerances. We’ve found ways to make laser tattoo removal as comfortable as possible. Our cutting edge technology and decades of experience keeps us several steps ahead of other laser tattoo removal clinics, making us the best choice to remove your tattoo.

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