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Tattoo Removal Timeline for Multiple Tattoos

Pete Davidson’s Tattoo Removal

In a May 2021 interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live comedian and actor Pete Davidson talked about how he was in the process of removing all of his tattoos. He decided to get them removed because he worried that they may cost him acting roles. Another factor that went into his decision to remove his tattoos was how long it took professional makeup artists to cover them up.

Davidson revealed it will take nearly 2 to 3 years to remove all of his tattoos with laser tattoo removal. That may seem like a long time, but that’s because he supposedly has around 100 tattoos

Though that number may seem excessive, Davidson is far from being alone when it comes to having multiple tattoos. A 2019 Statista survey of tattooed people found that of those surveyed, 65% have more than one tattoo.

This also means it’s likely for people with multiple tattoos to want to get them removed at some point. Maybe their tattoos no longer represent them. Maybe it’s harder to find a job with so many tattoos.

Whatever the reason, Dr. Ink Eraser can remove unwanted tattoos through the most effective and efficient option: laser tattoo removal.

Can you remove multiple tattoos at once?

Yes, you can have multiple tattoos removed at the same time, though it’s not so much about how many tattoos you can remove and more about the accumulated size of the tattoos. Removing too much ink at one time can overwhelm your immune system, making the removal process take longer.

With the way Dr. Ink Eraser does its pricing, it’s actually a better deal to remove more ink in one sitting, and that “more ink” can absolutely include removing more than one tattoo at once.

How long does it take to remove 10 or more tattoos?

The answer to that depends on many a few different factors:

The number of tattoos

There’s a big difference between having 10 tattoos and 100 tattoos, so keep that in mind. Removing 10 tattoos will take time, but not as long as it would take to remove 100 or more — and obviously it varies in-between those numbers.

The size of tattoos

The size of the tattoos matters more when you’re removing more than one tattoo. It may be best to remove several small tattoos at once instead of many large tattoos that cover a lot of area.

The color of tattoos

Some colors can be removed more easily than others depending on the inks used. Black ink is the easiest one to remove by far; other colors will take more time and require different laser wavelengths. And of course, more colors in a single tattoo can also add to the difficulty it takes to remove a tattoo and how long it’ll take to remove.

The ink density

How deep the ink has penetrated into the skin can also affect the tattoo removal timeline. Some tattoo artists have a tendency to be heavy-handed, which often leads to the ink being deeper in the skin. Some tattoos, like tribal tattoos, involve inks being soaked into the skin. Ink that’s closer to the surface of the skin is going to be easier to remove than ink that’s sunken deep into the skin.

The ink quality

The overall quality of tattoo ink matters, too, and is yet another factor of how long it can take to remove tattoos. Higher quality inks take longer to fade, and as a result, will be more difficult to remove.

The age of tattoos

Older tattoos are easier to remove than new tattoos. Tattoos fade over time, and the longer you’ve had a tattoo, the more it’s faded. On the other hand, fresh ink is much harder to remove, and depending on how new that tattoo is, you might want to hold off on getting it removed right away. A brand-new, days-old tattoo is far from ideal for laser tattoo removal.


Lifestyle choices can certainly contribute to how long or short your tattoo removal timeline is. People who smoke or vape, for example, tend to need more time to heal between tattoos, as their bodies don’t heal as quickly.

Living a smoke-free lifestyle and not drinking alcohol excessively, amongst other things, can make tattoo removal go more quickly.

Lymphatic function

Those lifestyle choices mentioned above affect one’s lymphatic function (a key part of the immune system), which plays a large role in flushing out ink particles. If the lymphatic system is affected by something like smoking or excessive drinking, it will take longer for the body to flush out the broken down ink particles.

The recovery time in-between laser tattoo removal sessions

In his Late Night with Seth Meyers interview, Pete Davidson said that he has to wait a month between each removal session, and that’s a large part of why it’ll take him a long time to remove all of his tattoos. It’s likely that with 100 tattoos in that time frame, they’re fairly small in size, so his laser tattoo removal experts can easily remove several of them in a few sessions, then go on to remove some more.

It’s up to your laser tattoo removal technician to determine how long you need to wait in  going to your next laser tattoo removal session. Some laser tattoo removal clinics recommend waiting three months between removal sessions; others may suggest less or more. That said, longer recovery periods will contribute to a longer removal process.

Everyone is unique when it comes to recovery, and thankfully there are things you can do to help the recovery process go smoothly, like drinking more water and protecting your skin with sunscreen.

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