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Sub-Z Painless Tattoo Removal

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What is Sub-Z?

Sub-Z is a powerful, brand-new cryofreezing technology that is designed to alleviate discomfort associated with laser treatments, such as laser tattoo removal, and other dermatological treatments. Compared to its older cryofreezing counterparts, Sub-Z is faster and more powerful while also being more cost-effective and better for the environment as it does not use cryogen gas and uses electricity instead. It also has adjustable fan speeds, giving the machine the ability to target temperatures more precisely. Sub-Z can even hit desired temperatures three times faster than other similar cooling systems.

What does Sub-Z do?

The main function of Sub-Z is to minimize discomfort and injuries during laser treatments. This includes laser tattoo removal, which can be an uncomfortable procedure. Combining the Sub-Z’s freezing temperatures with topical numbing creams and/or gels can result in a practically pain-free laser tattoo removal experience.

How does Sub-Z work?

Sub-Z blows chilled air through its fans that numbs the skin, making it more difficult to perceive the sensation from a laser or from an anesthetic injection. It also minimizes thermal injuries during certain types of treatments, too, which means patients are less likely to experience bruising or inflammation.

Because everyone has different levels of pain tolerance, Sub-Z’s flexible temperature levels can easily be adjusted to make sure patients are as comfortable as they can be.

Sub-Z is safer than other cooling devices because it lacks a cryo tank that releases gases; instead, it runs on electricity and does not need ventilation systems that other cryo technologies need.

Where can I find Sub-Z?

Sub-Z is a very new technology that has just recently been released and approved for use, so not many laser tattoo removal clinics have it yet. However, Dr. Ink Eraser is not one of those many clinics. We are excited to announce that we have Sub-Z available for use. We believe that combining Sub-Z with our topical numbing creams will make for a nearly painless laser tattoo removal experience. Our highly experienced technicians are trained in how to properly use Sub-Z, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible pain-free treatment.

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