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Methods of Tattoo Removal at Dr. Ink Eraser

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Tattoo removal methods

While there are multiple tattoo methods available for you to consider, there is one we specialize in: laser tattoo removal. However, we feel it’s important to know what your other options are so you can decide which is the best for you.

Surgical excision

Surgical excision involves the surgical removal of the tattoo from the skin. During surgical excision, the skin is given a local anesthetic and the tattooed skin is removed with a scalpel. The doctor performing the excision will either stitch the edges of the skin back together or utilize skin grafts.

This method is one with several issues, as it is most effective on small tattoos in certain locations. If the doctor decides to allow the skin to heal with skin grafts, it is common for the end result to look like patchwork.

At-home tattoo removal methods

While there are at-home methods you can attempt, we strongly urge you to consider going to a professional instead. Even though it may seem like an easy, cost-effective solution, most at-home tattoo removal methods can actually cause more damage to your skin and be more expensive to correct in the long run.

Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal uses laser light to break down the ink particles buried deep within layers of the skin, making it easier for your body’s lymphatic system to flush out the ink entirely. Even without laser tattoo removal, your body has already been trying to get rid of the ink, which is why tattoo ink fades after a certain amount of time. But the particles are too big to remove without the assistance of laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal works for large tattoos and small tattoos. While surgical excision usually involves a single procedure, laser tattoo removal tends to take multiple sessions that are spaced out so the body can heal between sessions. The number of removal sessions requires depends on several factors, such as the ink colors used in the tattoo, how many different colors were used, the age of the tattoo, skin color and type, and so on.

Dr. Ink Eraser specializes in laser tattoo removal, the most common and most accessible method for removing an unwanted tattoo. Despite it being the most common method, we strive to ensure your experience is anything but. We offer several techniques that make the laser tattoo removal process faster, more efficient, and more comfortable for our clients.

Tattoo removal techniques at Dr. Ink Eraser

PFD patch

The PFD patch allows us to make up to 4 laser passes in one treatment session. Without this gel patch, we can only make a single pass per treatment session, which makes for a longer removal process with more appointments. This patch protects the skin from laser-related damage while also cutting down the number of removal sessions needed to completely remove your tattoo.

For patients who have a timeline in mind for their tattoo removal, the PFD patch is an ideal option, and one we will highly recommend if that’s your situation.


The Z-Wave, like the PFD patch, can help reduce the number of laser tattoo removal sessions by increasing the number of laser passes per session. Instead of using a protective gel patch, the Z-Wave uses acoustic sound waves to break down ink particles even further. When these particles are broken down, it helps eliminate what is known as the frost effect, which is caused by the formation of bubbles and vacuoles that are formed when a laser tattoo removal session uses multiple laser passes without protection.

On top of eliminating the frost effect, the Z-Wave also helps your body’s lymphatic system clear out the ink particles faster and more effectively through the bloodstream, resulting in less wait time between removal sessions.

Fractionated handpiece treatment

Fractionated handpiece treatment makes thousands of tiny, deep holes in the skin, making it easier for laser light to reach and eliminate ink particles. The fractionated handpiece treatment allows us to create controlled damage to scar tissue that developed when you initially got the tattoo. Scar tissue lacks blood flow, so when ink gets trapped in scar tissue, it’s very difficult to remove. But the fractionated handpiece treatment can release those particles, resulting in a better-looking final product.

For now, this particular service is only offered at our Atlanta, Georgia, location

Deep Numb

Deep Numb is a topical anesthetic cream that goes deep into the skin’s pores to numb the area. We apply this cream 2 hours before starting the laser tattoo removal session and cover the numbed area with plastic wrap or saran wrap to achieve maximum numbing results.


Sub-Z is one of our newest technologies, and we are excited to use it in conjunction with Deep Numb, as we believe combining the two can make laser tattoo removal practically painless.

Sub-Z is a cryofreezing device that is safer, more efficient, and more environment-friendly than its older counterparts. It runs on electricity instead of cryogen gas and therefore does not need any ventilation system since it does not release gas.

Sub-Z minimizes discomfort during laser treatments, including laser tattoo removal, by blowing chilled air to numb the skin, which makes it far more difficult to perceive the sensation from a laser or even an injection. Its temperatures are flexible, so we can make sure that patients with just about any level of pain tolerance can be more comfortable during the laser tattoo removal procedure.

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Dr. Ink Eraser strives to deliver top-of-the-line laser tattoo removal services due to the methods, techniques, and technology we employ. Whether you have a deadline for removal or are worried about pain, we will work with you to find a way to have the best experience possible.

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