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How Face Tattoo Removal Works

Many people who got face tattoos come to regret them later down the road. Face tattoos are difficult to cover up, which can be a problem when applying to work in certain professional settings. Some face tattoos have a bad reputation.

Luckily, no one has to be stuck with a face tattoo forever. Unwanted face tattoos can be removed safely and effectively.

How can a face tattoo be removed?

There are a few options for tattoo removal:

Tattoo removal creams

Tattoo removal creams can be found and purchased at a low cost over the counter. However, they are not the best option for removing a tattoo. The ink from tattoos is injected into the layers of the skin, and tattoo removal creams can only affect the skin’s surface. If anything, they lighten the tattoo and surrounding skin.

They also have serious side effects, such as rashes, burning, and scarring — and that doesn’t even get into the risks of allergic reactions.

It is probably not something you should be applying to your face.

Surgical removal

Surgical removal is an option for some tattoos. This surgery can completely remove an unwanted tattoo in one go.

In what is called an excision surgery, the doctor will numb the skin around your face, then use a scalpel to cut out the tattooed skin, and stitch the skin back up. Some doctors may use skin grafts depending on the location.

While this is perhaps the most effective option, it definitely comes with some serious risks, especially if you’re going to remove a face tattoo. Scarring is a very real possibility, and it is also possible that the skin graft may not quite match the same color or tone of your face,  resulting in a patchwork appearance.

This option is probably best for small tattoos that are not located on your face. 

Laser tattoo removal

During laser tattoo removal, a laser technician will guide a laser over the tattooed area. These lasers produce pulses of light energy that penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the ink. 

When tattoo ink particles absorb the energy, they begin to break apart into tiny particles of ink. The immune system takes over and works to flush the ink particles away. This results in lightening the tattoo’s appearance.

With each session of laser tattoo removal, the tattoo gets lighter and lighter until there is no ink left.

The technology for laser tattoo removal has gotten to the point where it is much easier and safer to remove tattoos from darker skin tones. Q-switched lasers can remove different colors of ink on different skin colors.

Though it is more painful than tattoo removal cream, it is a safer procedure. Though scarring may happen, it is less likely to occur when you are working with a skilled laser technician and follow their aftercare instructions.

Laser tattoo removal technology is the best option for getting a face tattoo removed. Tattoo removal creams may be cheap and convenient, but those qualities come with some major caveats. Removal creams may lighten the skin and not just the tattoo, and tend to be more obvious when applied to darker skin.

It’s also less risky than an excision surgery that may involve skin graft patches and scarring.

Does removing a face tattoo hurt?

Laser tattoo removal can be painful, regardless of the tattoo’s location. There are some parts of the face that will experience more pain.

Thankfully, the best laser technicians offer numbing creams and other pain relief options. Dr. Ink Eraser offers several different pain relief options to make removing your facial tattoo less painful.

Is laser tattoo removal safe for getting rid of a face tattoo?

Generally speaking, yes, as long as you are in the hands of a very experienced laser technician. These technicians should offer protection for your eyes because the lasers can cause a great deal of damage to your vision.

When consulting with tattoo removal clinics, it’s always a good idea to ask them about their safety precautions and procedures. If they don’t offer protective goggles or shields for your eyes, then that is not the place to go for removing your face tattoo.

What is the healing process like for removing a face tattoo?

The healing process for removing a face tattoo is about the same as any other tattoo removal procedure — listen to your doctor or laser technician’s instructions and follow them as closely as possible.

You’ll want to protect your skin, so invest in some sunscreen that’s at least 30 SPF, unscented and gentle moisturizers and soaps, and bandages if needed. Don’t use any facial scrubs or acne treatment that’s tough on skin. When drying off your face, pat the tattooed area down instead of rubbing it. You should also do the same when applying any moisturizers or facial products.

It would be wise to avoid applying makeup, too. As for when you can start applying makeup again, follow your laser technician’s instructions, as they tend to vary from person to person based on tattoo size, ink colors used, and skin type and color.

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