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Debunking Laser Tattoo Removal Myths

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There are many laser tattoo removal myths out there, and unfortunately many of them are perceived to be true by a lot of people. That’s why we are going to debunk some popular laser tattoo removal myths! We hope that this knowledge is something that can help you determine whether or not laser tattoo removal is a good option for you.

Myth: Black ink is impossible to remove.

False. Of all the colors, blank ink responds best to laser light and absorbs all wavelengths. This makes it the easiest color of ink to remove. The colors that are by far the most difficult to remove include yellow, green, purple, turquoise, and bright or neon colors.

Myth: Removing tattoos will leave a scar or burn your skin.

When laser tattoo removal is done under a professional laser technician, the risk of scarring and burns is slim. Though you may have heard that removing your tattoo will result in scars, you may have received outdated information. Today’s lasers have advanced greatly since the advent of laser tattoo removal technology. They are much less likely to cause scars because these lasers flicker in pulses, which means your skin does not experience a lot of exposure to the laser.

Don’t forget to follow your technician’s aftercare instructions, either, as they will also help the healing process and prevent scarring.

Myth: Tattoo removal creams work just as good as lasers.

False. Tattoo removal creams may seem like an affordable option that involves less work and expenses when compared to laser tattoo removal, but that does not make it a good option.

Not only are these tattoo removal creams nowhere near as effective as lasers, they are also more likely to damage your skin and discolor it than lasers are. Correcting that will be more expensive than getting a laser tattoo removal done in the first place. (Not to mention it can make undergoing laser tattoo removal more difficult, too!)

Myth: All tattoos are easy to remove.

False. No two tattoos are exactly alike. Even if you chose the same flash design as someone, the tattoo will still be different due to your skin tone and type. It’s more difficult to remove tattoos from darker skin. Some ink colors are harder to remove than others. There’s a lot more that goes into removing tattoos than what that meets the eye, which is why we offer a free quote to give you an idea of how many sessions you may need to remove your tattoo.

Myth: Laser tattoo removal is unsafe.

False. If laser tattoo removal was unsafe, then it would not be available. In fact, it may even be safer than where you got your tattoo! At Dr. Ink Eraser, we strive to keep our facility clean and operated by licensed laser technicians. It’s important to us that you are getting the best care possible by the experts.

Myth: New tattoos are easier to remove than old tattoos.

False. While you probably think that a new tattoo would be easier to remove, it’s not. Even though it’s less settled into your skin, the ink is new and fresh, which actually makes it harder to remove than an older tattoo, which fades more and more as the years go by.

The older a tattoo is, the easier it will be to remove.

Myth: It only takes one laser treatment to get rid of a tattoo.

False. To properly remove a tattoo, laser tattoo removal is most effective when done in multiple sessions. Ongoing, consistent exposure to lasers can cause scarring, which is why modern lasers are pulsed lasers — they flicker on and off so your skin is not overly exposed to the laser.

Going through more than one removal session also gives your skin more time to heal properly, which reduces the risks of hyperpigmentation or scarring. That’s why Dr. Ink Eraser spaces out appointments when scheduling tattoo removal sessions.

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