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What Is The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal?

The cost of laser tattoo removal can vary widely, ranging anywhere from $50 to $1,000 or more per treatment. This may also vary depending on where you decide to get your tattoo removal done; medical spas, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists tend to cost more than a laser tattoo removal specialist.

That cost depends on many factors, though perhaps the biggest factor overall is the number of laser tattoo removal sessions. Considering that most laser tattoo removal services charge per session, the fewer sessions, the less expensive it will be.

Factors that determine the cost of laser tattoo removal

The number of sessions ultimately determines the cost of a tattoo removal. However, there are many factors that can contribute to having more or fewer laser tattoo removal sessions:

Tattoo size

The bigger the tattoo, the more removal sessions you’ll need. Smaller tattoos take less time and fewer sessions because there’s simply less to remove.

Tattoo location

Location matters. Some tattoos get more exposure to sunlight and fade more in those areas as a result. Sometimes this comes down to blood flow. If there is more blood flow and circulation in certain areas of the body, then tattoos will be easier to remove there.

Ink colors

Having a tattoo that’s one color can make the laser removal easier and faster, and it also requires the use of only one laser. Not all lasers can remove all ink colors effectively.

It’s worth noting that some colors are easier to remove than others. Black and green tend to be easiest to remove, while purples, yellows, turquoise, and neon and fluorescent inks are more difficult to work with and may take multiple sessions as a result.


It helps if you’re younger, when your metabolism and immune system haven’t slowed down quite yet. On the flip side, the age of your tattoo can also help you out. Older tattoos that have already faded over the years will be easier to remove than a brand-new tattoo.

Who did the tattoo

It’s easier to remove tattoos from amateur tattoo artists than professionals with a lot of experience under their belt.


If you vape, smoke, or tan, it may be more difficult to remove the tattoo as in fewer sessions.

Skin color and type

Your skin color and type can make a pretty big impact on the success as well as the number of treatments. Some laser tattoo removal treatments are not nearly as successful or effective on darker skin and show more obvious scarring as a result. Your skin type, as well as scarring in or around the area of the tattoo, can also determine the difficulty of removal.

This is not an issue for Dr. Ink Eraser because we use lasers that are effective on different skin colors and types.

Pain tolerance and pain relief options

A lower pain tolerance may mean you need to take more breaks during removal sessions. Depending on how the removal service prices its sessions (by the hour or per session rates), this may cost you more. Pain relief options, such as Pro-Nox, may also incur an extra cost, depending on where you go for your laser tattoo removal.

Laser technician’s experience

Not all laser technicians are equal in terms of experience and abilities. At Dr. Ink Eraser, that won’t be a problem since we have over 20 years of experience in laser tattoo removal.

The type of lasers used

Older tattoo removal lasers aren’t as effective, so where you go to get your laser tattoo removal done matters. Dr. Ink Eraser only uses the latest in laser technology to ensure that your tattoo removal is done quickly and effectively as possible.

Where can I find a laser tattoo removal service at an effective cost?

Dr. Ink Eraser has 3 locations in Georgia (Atlanta, Columbus, and Stockbridge) and 1 location in Birmingham, Alabama, that offer affordable laser tattoo removal services. Schedule a free consultation so we can determine the number of sessions needed and get started on removing that old tattoo.