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Sub-Z Painless Tattoo Removal

What is Sub-Z? Sub-Z is a powerful, brand-new cryofreezing technology that is designed to alleviate discomfort associated with laser treatments, such as laser tattoo removal, and other dermatological treatments. Compared to its older cryofreezing counterparts, Sub-Z is faster and more powerful while also being more cost-effective and better for the environment as it does not […]

Debunking Laser Tattoo Removal Myths

There are many laser tattoo removal myths out there, and unfortunately many of them are perceived to be true by a lot of people. That’s why we are going to debunk some popular laser tattoo removal myths! We hope that this knowledge is something that can help you determine whether or not laser tattoo removal […]

Laser Tattoo Removal on Dark Skin

Does laser tattoo removal work on dark skin? In the earlier days of laser tattoo removal, tattooing on dark skin was a far more difficult task that would often result in scars, hyperpigmentation, or hypopigmentation. This was mainly due to the laser technology available at the time and was not something that exclusively happened to […]

Options for Tattoo Removal at Home

Some people who experience tattoo regret may try to take tattoo removal into their own hands and try to remove their tattoo at home. This is rarely a good idea, as there are many risks involved with trying to remove a tattoo at home. These methods, though low in cost, are ineffective and cause more […]